Order a personnel assessment

With this form, you can order Psycon’s psychological personnel assessments and potential assessments. By filling out the form, you can make one order and attach to it multiple individuals to be assessed. If you want to make multiple orders, please fill out separate forms for each one.

Before placing an order, please ensure that all information is accurate and that you have permission to share the contact details of the individuals being assessed. Psycon will start the assessment process shortly after receiving your order. If you would like to discuss the assessment before placing an order, please contact us by email (customerservice@psycon.com) or by phone (+358 20 710 1200).

What will happen after submitting the order?

  1. Psycon will process the order as soon as possible during the same or the next working day.
  2. We will contact the individuals to be assessed and inform them about starting the assessment process.
  3. Psycon’s consultant will contact the client’s contact person to discuss specific goals, criteria, and schedules.
  4. The individuals to be assessed will receive an invitation for the assessment and information about the tasks to be completed.
  5. When the assessments are completed, the consultant will arrange a feedback meeting, and the reports will be sent to the recipients specified by the client.